What’s Your Bathroom Style? The Bathroom Home Improvement Guide

With so many factors to consider, coming up with a bathroom home improvement is no slam dunk. A homeowner’s primary concern is the budget and one that offers extreme functionality. So if you’re still confused as to how you will fashion your bathroom, the following elements may help transform it:

1. Maximize daylight while maintaining confidentiality – If you can’t seem to achieve the look and feel of privacy in your bath, an acrylic-block awning version or tubular skylights will do the trick. These types of windows do not only provide a high level of privacy but also lets in fresh air, are less prone to leakage, and eliminates the need for electricity during daytime.

2. Replace the crammed tub/shower combination – If you got your bath tub and shower all stuffed in one specific spot; don’t you think it’s time to wash out that old style? So instead of your bathtub visually dividing the room, why not opt for glass shower doors that will make your bathroom space look larger and more inclusive.

3. Make use of large tiles – In small baths, one efficient bathroom home improvement is to use large tiles with very narrow grout lines. Considering this size of tile makes the room look bigger and larger. Not to mention, large tiles are easier to sanitize than smaller ones.

4. The dual-flush toilet upgrading – The amount of water that runs through in a regular flush is important and having a dual flush makes it more efficient on your end. Truly, functionality doesn’t have to entail a style compromise.

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